muddled nights and muddled days

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Part of the reason was that he was living an amazingly straight life. No long, muddled nights spent bar-hopping, followed by long, muddled days spent drinking coffee and orange juice and gobbling vitamin-B tablets (days when if his glance so much as happened upon his typewriter, he would turn away, shuddering).
Source: Misery by Stephen King
Context: The narrator is a writer.

muddled days means intoxicated days, or rather days with muddled thinking?

I might be muddled up (confused).

Thank you.
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    I don't think it means he was necessarily drunk (at least during the day). Technically it's not days and nights with his thoughts in a muddled state, but muddled days and muddled nights, but it probably doesn't make much difference.


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    It’s rather a nice piece of repetition — long, muddled nights / long, muddled days — really just saying that his lifestyle had been a mess all the time, in different ways (but now it no longer was, presumably).
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