mug a pimp

  • Papuzza

    Allora il contesto della frase e' il seguente.
    Una persona chiede ad un'altra persona in che giorni viene effettutato un esame, risponde a tono una terza persona e quindi la prima interviene con questa frase.
    Hey, Dori, can you find out
    when the lab runs pertussis assays?

    Every day but Tuesday and Sunday.

    Whew, what did you do, mug a pimp?


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    UK English
    mug = rob off / thieve from
    pimp = man who has prostitutes that he sells for business

    mug a pimp - I can imagine to be used in a sarcastic sentence, to someone who over reacts to something that has happened (as mugging a pimp would be bad news for anyone that does)
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