[mug/glass] pad/mat or coaster?

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Hi there

When you refer to a small flat object that you put under a cup to protect the table, would you rather say a mug pad/mat or coaster? (A question to native speakers, obviously.)

  • heypresto

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    English - England
    If it was a cup, I would probably put it on a saucer. If it was a mug, I'd put it on a coaster. (Not a mug coaster).

    If I was in a pub, I'd put my glass on a beer-mat.

    This may be different in AE.


    American English
    Just "coaster" in AmE, for me.

    I haven't heard "beer mat" in AmE, but it may exist.


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    Native language: English (BrE)
    Just in case heypresto is feeling lonely as the only BrE representative in this thread so far ;), let me add that beer mat (or beer-mat, or beermat) is the standard (probably the only) name in BrE for the cardboard kind you find in pubs.

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