Mukallit taklitçiye denir, değil mi?

Ali Smith

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Urdu - Pakistan

X: Selefiyim. Ya siz?
Y: Ben mukallidim.
X: Mukallit taklitçiye denir, değil mi?

What does the last line mean? And why did Y add "Ben"? Wouldn't just "Mukallidim" have sufficed?

  • Rallino

    The last line says: "Mukallit" is what a "taklitçi" is called, right?

    Ben is used to emphasize a change of subject. X has introduced themselves. Now it's Y's turn, so Y opts for reiterating "ben" to stress the pronoun change. It's optional of course, but it suits this kind of context.

    Observe the following dialogues:

    X: Nasılsın? (How are you?)
    Y: Kötüyüm. Sen? (Bad, you?)
    X: Ben iyiyim. (Me, I'm all right.)


    X: Ne yiyorsun? (What are you eating?)
    Y: Ekmek arası. Sen? (A sandwich. And you?)
    X: Ben simit yiyorum. (I'm eating a bagel.)