mulțumesc pentru zâmbetul

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Hello, I would wirite sometihng gentle in romanian

Vă mulțumesc pentru zâmbetul și bunătatea ta.

It is correct ?

the meaning of what I want to write is

thank you for your smile and your kindness

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    1)If there is one person you want to say this, then: use 'îți' for '', without any other changes.

    2) As to go with '', you should replace 'ta' with 'dumneavoastră', no matter the number of persons. It's formal.

    3) If there are two or more persons, you can only change 'ta' with 'voastră'.
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    Also, if you want to use the polite form with the equivalent of vous in French, you'd use the polite plural form:

    Vă mulțumesc pentru zâmbetul și bunătatea dumneavoastră.

    As a side note, in Romanian you don't hear very often the equivalent of 'thanks for your kindness' but we do use it for something like 'please be so kind' - 'te rog fii bun'.

    In the end it's the larger context of what one tries to express that will determine the proper phrasing.