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Hello, I was thinking about the phrasal verb MULL OVER. Can it be used in this context? Recently, there has been a discussion which was mulling over several health benefits of the new product. Does it make sense here?
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    Generally people, not discussions, mull over things, so that sentence doesn't sound very natural to me. You could improve it by saying the discussion was to mull over something.


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    Not really. We wouldn't generally use it like that. 'Mulling over' is usually considered an internal way of thinking a subject through in your own mind. A public debate or discussion wouldn't generally be said to 'mull' something over.


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    Mulling over goes on in a person's mind, often even when they are not thinking about the situation directly. They might have a problem they are dealing with but they go on with their normal day and come back to it later. But their brain has been processing it in the meantime.

    An active, open, direct discussion is not mulling over.
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