Multilingual Mac-Where should I post something this helpful?

I recently came across a tool that I was previously unaware of.
I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not the first person to mention it here.
It is a part of Macintosh's Spelling and Grammar function.

There is a new function that should have been shouted from the rooftops, that is already built-in to the OSX Leopard Spelling and Grammar system.
It is the Multilingual option, and it automatically sense what language you are using,, and provides feedback (red squigglies) accordingly.
It is a joy to use, and works in-line with any standard test-field in the whole system, including Mail, Safari, etc.

**When you are typing text in Safari (or where-ever) right-click (ctrl-click) to get the contextual menu to pop, select Spelling and Grammar -> Show Spelling and Grammar. Then, from the pull-down options, select the Multilingual option.**

It's like butter. And it is really helpful for writing in more than one language at a time, as often happens here in Word Reference.
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