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  1. eylül New Member

    Would somebody help me to find the correct answer to this question please?

    Anglo-saxon accounts from the 8th and 9th centuries ( ) terrible Viking raids in which people( ),villages destroyed,and animals and precious objects stolen.
    A)describe/were massacred
  2. AmEStudent

    AmEStudent Senior Member

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    The first one.
  3. eylül New Member

    thank you very very much but can you explain why?
  4. wormhole Senior Member

    I would say the first one too because what happened in the past concerning those events is known now,so there is no need to write the first part of the sentence in past tense.
  5. AmEStudent

    AmEStudent Senior Member

    Italian/Albanian - bilingual
    Even ignoring the first part, which is the most tricky perhaps, people massacred would imply that the people were the one which damaged other beings, whereas people were massacred means that the vikings damaged the people, destroyed the villages and stole animals and precious objects.
  6. eylül New Member

    But whereas ' villages destroyed,animals and precious objects stolen' are in reduction form why can't we say ' people massacred' as well?
  7. JamesM

    JamesM à la Mod (English Only)

    Well, you need at least one verb. :) The remaining phrases are "borrowing" the "were" from the first phrase.
  8. AmEStudent

    AmEStudent Senior Member

    Italian/Albanian - bilingual
    Yeah, you always need to put the first verb in a list, the other ones can be safely omitted as they are implied.
  9. eylül New Member

    okay thank you all.

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