multiple network configurations


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Argentina, Spanish
Hello all,

The sentence:
"The B- - - PRO is also available in multiple network configurations ..."
How should the bold construct be translated into Spanish?
...configuraciones de redes múltiples...
...configuraciones múltiples de redes...
...en muchas configuraciones de redes...
  • THU, Antispam. You ask for more context or complete paragraph, and here it goes, though I don't think this extra piece of information can help:
    "Br- - - - PRO is comprised of an outdoor radio unit (ODU) and an indoor network interface unit (IDU). The ODU contains a modem, radio and integral or external high-gain flat antenna.
    The Br- - - PRO is also available in multiple network configurations, and optimally serves a wide range of market segments and applications".

    I understand also that all three options I offered are correct, yet they're not the same, and I'd like to find the correct one.
    I think it would be like the third one "... disponible en varias configuraciones de red..." mainly because the manufacturer web page states "Each version of IDU connects..." which I think implies different versions with different configurations.

    If you want to be sure, ask the manufacturer.