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A line from Chapter 18 in Karen Russell's Swamplandia!

“His mom said that Loomis teens used to haunt Pa-Hay-Okee Gaming before the Sunrise mall and multiplex opened in the seventies.”

Is this a mall with a multifunctional cinema? I looked up "multiplex" and it seems the word indicate that kind of cinema.
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    Multiplex needn't necessarily be part of a mall. As mack said, it is a cinema with multiple screens, as against a solitary movie hall.


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    Yeah. I only changed my wording by editing my post because I thought it made it more clear.

    Multi simply refers to the multiple screens. Not multipurpose.


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    I don't think it needs to be a mall or shopping centre (although over here it is indeed typically on the top floor(s) of a shopping centre). It is a cinema housed in a building with several screens.

    Ah, multiple replies on the multiplex! :)


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    Yes. The multiplex is relevant because malls and movies [multiplexes] are both places where teenagers like to spend time. Before that, all the teenagers had was Pa-Hay-Okee Gaming, which I suppose was a casino.
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