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I find several expressions of multiplication quite confusing. Maybe they can be best clarified with examples.
In case A=100, do the following expressions all mean 300?
A has tripled.
A has increased three times.
A has increased by three times.
A has increased threefold.
A has increased by a factor of three.
There has been a threefold increase.
A has multiplied threefold.

Thanks for response.
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    A has tripled and A has multiplied threefold are definitely equal to 3A.
    You are not the only person who finds these confusing. In my opinion, all of the expressions that make use of increase(d) are ambiguous and probably best avoided. You will find that some people take A has increased by three times etc to mean 3A, while others will take these to mean 4A. Try not to use them in your own writing; if you come across them in print, be very careful how you interpret them.

    Increases can generally be expressed in percentage terms. If A = 100, then A has increased by 7% definitely equals 107; A has increased by 100% equals 200; A has increased by 200% equals 300.
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