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I'm making some translations from English and in my text I found that:
"The project intends - together with the multipliers, teaching staff and educational intitutes of the partner countries - to develop a European standard (..) The project wants to introduce the multipliers of the educational systems of the countries to the different approaches in dialogue"
The word "multiplier" in the text cannot be used in the standard definition of this word in the dictionary.. but I don't really have an idea about what kind of person it can describe!!
I hope my question isn't too silly...
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    Hi all...

    "multipliers" could be all the "non supported staff" that usually helps on the teaching tasks.
    For instance I participate, few years ago, in a "project" in Vienna... an Erasmus intensive program... we where discussing about "education"... we are "non supported staff" as just did our project parcel and leave it.

    So, we really participate "multiplying" the referneces of the project so that we were "multipliers"

    Sorry if this answer seems to be fool, but may it could be.

    sorry anyway


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    I am not familiar with this use of the term "multiplier" but have done a bit of looking around and found that it seems to be to used refer to people who are in effect intermediaries in projects involving social/educational change.

    QUOTE from: Chances to European I.doc

    Dissemination activities:
    • presentations for various types of audiences (e.g. multipliers, including teacher trainers, representatives of NGOs and of all the groups targeted - see below).

    So, for example, if there was an EU Project to cut smoking by teenagers, the Project staff themselves could use a combination of:
    (a) direct communication using TV, radio and magazine advertising; and / or

    (b) via "multipliers" such as youth workers, teachers, opinion-formers/role-models, each of which will "pass-on" the message to many more people.

    The concept seems to be that by reaching let's say ten "multipliers" the project message will in fact reach maybe a thousand end-recipients of the "message" and also other colleagues/peers of these "multipliers".

    This seems to be analogous to the well-established use in economics theory of the term "multiplier effect" of spending, that a given increase in spending produces a much bigger increase in national income. Also analogous to the concept of "leveraging" in financial investment.
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