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'Well,' he conceded, 'I do sometimes mumble a bit.' (

This sentence is from an online dictionary. Does it mean he sometimes did not speak clearly, or does it mean he complained in a very low voice, sort of speaking to himself?

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    It means that he doesn't speak clearly.

    If it meant that he was speaking to himself in a low voice, he would say, "I do sometimes mumble to myself".

    (What is the name of the online dictionary? We ask you to always name your source, that means we want to know the title. ;) )


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    It can mean one or two things. Some people, when they speak, are known to mumble, which means that they speak in a low voice with barely formed words, which the listener finds difficult to understand. Some people do mumble to themselves but this can also be called 'muttering' to themselves.

    I have a friend who mumbles. She says, when I say, 'Pardon', 'You're deaf!' To which I reply, 'I'm certainly not deaf, it's just that I can't understand what you say - you mumble all the time.'
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