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Is this sentence correct? Someone told me about a strange encounter that i did not question the authenticity. Is that right to say it this way:

It was a bizarre anecdote. I took it at face value and I did not muse about it.

Moreover, do you muse on something or about something?

how is to muse different from to think ?

thank you in advance.
  • veggie21

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    Muse can refer to thinking deeply. If you muse about something, you're giving it serious thought. You can't muse in five seconds. People muse on certain ideas for years. Synonyms are 'mull over, think over, ponder, reflect'.
    'Think' is a more spontaneous, immediate or permanent concept.


    suzi br

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    Your original sentence does not really work for me. "I did not think any more about it" would be more natural sounding. You are dismissing the whole thing.
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