1. pickis

    pickis Banned

    hello everyone!

    how can I say "Museo del Prado" in English? Can I put it in inverted commas?

    Thanks a lot! you are fine!
  2. Bilma Senior Member

    Spanish Mexico
    Prado Museum.
  3. Pax Commoditatis

    Pax Commoditatis Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina, español/spanish
  4. carola_fariasm Senior Member

    Santiago, CHILE
    The National Prado Museum
  5. alacant

    alacant Senior Member

    Alicante, Spain
    England, english
    I'm sorry to disagree with Carola, but if it's the one in Madrid we are talking about we wouldn't put national.

    You could also put the "Prado" Museum.

    Cheers, A
  6. Bilma Senior Member

    Spanish Mexico

    I agree.
  7. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Hola pickis. This has nothing to do with the translation you are asking for. The inverted commas you are referring to are actually called quotation marks - '' ''.

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