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I was looking up the pronunciation of museo and the entry on Wiktionary gives [muˈθeo] as the 'no seseante' pronunciation, as if it were written muceo or muzeo.

Is this simply an error (Wiktionary being community-edited) or are there actually instances in which s is pronounced as c/z (outside of 'ceceo' regions)?
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    Is this simply an error...?
    Yes, it is an error. The pronunciation of s as [ s ] cannot be called seseo, since it is the standard one in Spanish and it is the normal pronunciation among distinguidores (the big majority of Spaniards) as well, so the pronunciation [muˈseo] is not "seseante", it is standard.
    Seseo is the pronunciation of the sounds represented by c and z as [ s ], without distinguishing them from the one of s, as it is done all over the Spanish Americas and in certain parts of Spain, but in museo no c or z is present, so seseo in this word is impossible.
    The phenomenon called ceceo is only found in certain areas of Andalusia where some speakers do pronounce s as [ θ ], without distinguishing from c and z.
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