mush (= face)

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    Listen mush, don't you know that mush has many different definitions?
    Mush = face is familiar to me, at least. It sounds very English English though.
    I've seen his mush somewhere before?
    It's pronounced more like moosh than the mush of mushroom, isn't it?


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    Oh yes, it's moosh to rhyme with book (well, sort of). I thought I'd heard it out of the gobs of AE-speakers, though ~ must've imagined it, perhaps:confused:


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    I just looked up mush at WRF dictionary

    I thought this was a fairly standard slang-ish word for 'face'.
    Is this word not known outside (a) North West England, (b) the UK, (c) my vocabulary?

    It's known beyond (a) and (c), mush. Indeed, Cockney rhyming slang has (I'm sure) a variant {George Bush}.

    As to whether it's known beyond these shores - I suspect we need an Australian/NZ input...

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    I'm fairly sure it's known all over the UK, and, if Wikipedia is to be believed, it appears in the script of the movie Popeye (Robin Williams): "I oughta bust you right in the mush!"


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    Yep, it exists in NZ, and rhymes with "whoosh".

    I think we tend to use it to mean mouth, or around the mouth area, though.

    E.g. My mum used to say to me when I was little and had food around my mouth, "wipe your moosh".


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    Thanks everyone, and apologies for opening a duplicate thread* ~ maybe a Moderator would like to merge this one with that.