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Hello, there:
I came across a term "mushy".
My source says "If you describe someone or something as mushy, you mean that they are very sentimental."
Sorry I don't have any context.

When I checked the archive , I found it collocated a lot with "brain". "My brain maybe be mushy, for example.
My question is if it is a very common usage to native speakers' ears?
Also, does it mean "The writer can't think clearly."? Because I don't think it makes sense from the related thread I checked if it means "very sentimental" from my source.

Could you enlighten me, please?

Thanks a lot!
  • KYC

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    Thanks a lot!
    Sorry, I still can't grasp the metaphorical way.
    I understand "soft heart" but "Someone's head is soft and soggy." is beyond my understanding.

    Does it mean "not smart"?

    Could you please rephrase it for me?
    Thanks a lot for your help!


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    In metaphors, your head or your brain is equivalent to your intellect, your powers of thinking, ...
    My brain is mushy = I'm not thinking well because my brain has turned to mush. Mush is also a hot cereal dish like oatmeal, cream of wheat, farina, semolina, ... Oatmeal is mushy, wet mud is mushy, fruit that is too ripe is mushy, ...


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    When someone is thinking clearly they are said to be "sharp"; "dull" or "mushy" would be the opposite of "sharp".


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    Mushy has a range of meanings. Here are two definitions from the OED.

    1. Soft and pulpy; lacking solidity or firmness. In extended use: lacking clarity or definition, indistinct
    A mushy brain is incapable of clear rational thought.

    2. fig. Sentimental, insipidly romantic.

    Obviously there is no connection whatever between the two :rolleyes:
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