mushy regions

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Can someone help me with a definition of "mushy regions" in the following excerpt from a book entitled Unbound: How Eight Technologies Made us Human? In this part the author is considering the idea that humans have the chance to escape the Earth problems and seek life on other planets and the reasons that make this option unattainable.

Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus—the “gas giants” of our solar system—are composed of cores of ice and rock larger than Earth that are covered with thick atmospheres of hydrogen and helium and buried under immense oceans of liquefied hydrogen and helium thousands of miles deep. None of these planets have any real “surfaces” in the normal sense of the word—only mushy regions where gases become compressed into liquids and where liquids become compressed into solids, all of which are hidden in total and perpetual darkness.
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    Have you looked up the definition of mush? It’s basically a very moist mass of “stuff” often used to describe very soft food that is thicker than soup but lacks the firmess of a good steak.
    If the surface of a planet is a “mushy region” it means it’s not firm, unlike the rocky surface we are used to on Earth.
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