music consumers <of all people>


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What does the part in bold mean please ?

"Steve Jobs got music consumers (of all people) comfortable with the concept of paying 99 cents for a tune"

Does the author mean "music consumers among all people ? "

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    It means that music consumers are the unlikliest of people to want to pay 99 cents per song.

    ex. The president got convicted killers (of all people) to be comfortable with the death penalty.


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    (I assume 'Steve Jobs' is a person's name? Otherwise this doesn't make sense)

    The author is surprised that anyone would be happy to pay 99 cents for a tune. He is very, very surprised that music consumers in particular would be happy to pay 99 cents for a tune.

    But the sentence is a little odd. What is meant by a music consumer?


    French(quasi-natif)- Dutch-Belgium,Italian-Italy
    Thank you !

    Now I "just" have to find a way of translating it into french :( ^^

    Edit : Ok.. i found something for french :D
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