Musica [música] funcional

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  1. Gabriela Ines Member

    Spanish - Argentina
    Hola a todos!

    Alguien me podría decir como traducir el término "música funcional" al inglés?


  2. isadora70

    isadora70 Senior Member

    México, Español
    I think it is: "functional music", but I need more context.

    I hope it helps! :)
  3. Juan Pablo Ferreyra Member

    "Música funcional" es un sistema de ejecución de música automatizado que tiene por función brindar continuamente música de "fondo" a un ambiente para hacerlo mas agradable.

    Es lo que generalmente los supermercados y tiendas requieren, donde poner la radio puede significar escuchar las ofertas de la competencia en tu propio local.

    Aun desconozco la traducción al inglés ...

  4. WhiteTobi

    WhiteTobi Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine Spanish
    Yo también necesito la traducción de esa palabra y no me suena que sea functional music... ¿alguien sabe?
  5. Danamg Member

    English-US and German
    Tambien estoy buscando la traduccion para esta palabra. Yo diria algo como "background music" o "there was music playing softly over a sound system."
    Han encontrado alguna otra palabra?
  6. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    I see that "música funcional" is among the amenities listed for a hotel, and I assume it means piped-in background music, which I personally would not see as much of an amenity. But if it meant each room had a sound system that you could control yourself, that would be better. I just don't know what they're trying to say.
    It reminds me of the travel book "Music in Every Room," where the "music in every room" of the fleabag hotel turned out to be a boom box blasting inescapably in the courtyard. ...
  7. Juan Pablo Ferreyra Member

    Let's me explain it again, "música funcional" is actually a system rather than a music genre or the way a music is playing. That means, if you have supermarket you can buy "un sistema de música funcional" to have "música funcional".
    "Música Funcional" is a system of background music execution to improve the atmosphere in a place, where the music is automatically played and it has no unappropriated material (like adds, propaganda or undesirable cuts or talkings).
    It is quite probably that there isn't any direct translation for that but I guess "background music" and "background music system" would work in most cases.
  8. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

  9. cassandra8 New Member

    How about muzak?
  10. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    Muzak is a trademark for a particularly insipid and reviled type of "elevator music."
    The company is based right here in South Carolina ...
  11. Sikaranista Senior Member

    American English
    It is, however, a good comparison. Muzak is a trademark for a music system, not a music format. Muzak systems offer the operators the choice of dozens of formats.
  12. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    Am I wrong in thinking that most of them consist of watered-down instrumental versions of popular songs, movie themes, etc.?
  13. Sikaranista Senior Member

    American English
    Yes, you would be wrong. Most of them, if not all, look like stations you'd find on a satellite radio service.
  14. JorgeHoracio Senior Member

    Spanish - Argentina
  15. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    That may well be true, but there's no denying the term "Muzak" has become popular shorthand for ''insipid instrumental music." And at any rate it is a trademark.
    The problem is that many hotels tout "música funcional" as an in-room amenity, and we then have to translate it. Last time I just put "music," not knowing how to make it sound at all appealing, but since then it has occurred to me that maybe ''(available) ambient music" would be better. But would that sound too New Age? Like the kind of music massage therapists play?
    The truth is that for it to actually be a selling point, you would have to pump up the description a little, to dispel the popular conception of it. "Your choice of in-house music channels" or something like that, as the case may be ...

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