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  1. martinemussies

    martinemussies Senior Member

    the Netherlands ~ Dutch.
    Hi everyone !! :D
    I'd love to have many sentences about music in various languages.... :)

    Don't have Excel on my computer, so couldn't make a file, but I can open
    Excel-files in Word.... so if you think it would be easier to work with a
    file, that would be fine for me as well. :eek:

    Examples of sentences with Dutch translations:

    Which instrument(s) do you play?
    Welke instrumenten bespeel je?

    I play the guitar / the piano / the violin / the cello / flute / recorder
    Ik speel gitaar / piano / viool / cello / dwarsfluit / blokfluit

    There's a concert tonight / I'll play in a concert tomorrow
    Vanavond is er een concert / Morgen zal ik in een concert spelen OR Morgen zal ik optreden (in een concert)

    My favourite cd is / my favourite style of music is classical / my favourite composer is Schubert

    Mijn lievelingscd is / mijn favoriete muziekstijl is klassiek / mijn lievelingscomponist is Schubert

    It would be also nice to include traditional instruments, for example
    "I play the pipa and the zithar" in Chinese or "I play the balalaika" in
    Russian. All suggestions and additions are more than welcome! ;)

    Love, Martine.
  2. Whodunit

    Whodunit Senior Member

    Deutschland ~ Deutsch/Sächsisch
    If you can open and save Excel files, you should use this Excel file (mentioned in the sticky). We'll be glad to fill out the columns. :)
  3. Lev Yakupov

    Lev Yakupov Member

    Orehovo-Zuevo, Moscow
    Martine, there is also link to free office program suite in sticky :) But it is not so small as expected to be ;) so there is your file in attachment. Russian variants are added.
  4. CristinaBurke Senior Member

    Ciao, ho tradotto in Italiano.:)

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  5. Shmily

    Shmily Member

    My try in Chinese simplified.
    Which instrument(s) do you play? 你会弹奏哪些乐器呢?
    I play the guitar 我会弹吉他
    I play the piano 我会弹钢琴
    I play the violin 我会弹小提琴
    I play the cello 我会弹大提琴 I play flute我会吹长笛 I play recorder 我会用录音(not sure )

    There's a concert tonight 今天晚上有个演出会
    I'll play in a concert tomorrow 我明天要出演个演奏会
    My favourite cd is 我最喜欢的CD 是
    my favourite style of music is classical 我最喜欢的音乐风格是古典音乐
    my favourite composer is Schubert 我最喜欢的作曲家是
    I play the pipa 我会弹琵琶 and the zithar和古筝

    For your reference, pipa ->is a plucked string instrument with a fretted fingerboard

    zither-> gu zheng,a Chinese zither with 25 strings]

    hope it helps
  6. el_empollon Senior Member

    Vancouver, Canada
    Spain Spanish/English
    I filled in the Spanish ;)

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  7. Thomas1

    Thomas1 Senior Member

    polszczyzna warszawska
    I added Polish collumn.
    This is the definiton of pipa (since as I noticed there are some problems with it):
    I think it has the same name in each language with all necessary spelling alterations.

    Lev I think in this case recorder should be translated as блок-флейта, though I may be wrong. :)

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  8. belén

    belén Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain, Catalan, Mallorca
    Do you think you can add this in the file? That's the point of the glossaries forum :)
    Xie xie !

  9. Drusillo

    Drusillo Senior Member

    Stuttgart- Germany
    I put some corrections to the Italian column.
    I can't understand why in the spanish column:
    I play recorder = toco la flauta dulce ?
    Or I am completely wrong or the recorder is the electronic device to play music from magnetic cassette.

    View attachment musical_instruments.xls
  10. Whodunit

    Whodunit Senior Member

    Deutschland ~ Deutsch/Sächsisch
    I added
    • German column
    • the last two Dutch translations
    I want to know if
    • you mean this by pipa
  11. Willi

    Willi Senior Member

    Milano Italy
    Italy - Italian
  12. Lev Yakupov

    Lev Yakupov Member

    Orehovo-Zuevo, Moscow
    Hello there!

    Yes, exactly, I've misunderstood this word :)

    I update some russian translation's and merged changes from last to post's.

    Also I want to continue Whodunit question with follow:
    It is a zithar. Wikipedia says that it's analog for russian гусли ( gUsli: ), nevertheless they are very similar.

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  13. LV4-26

    LV4-26 Senior Member

    I've added the French version. I had a problem with "pipa" (unknown to me) which I left as is.

    For "do you play" I provided both the "tu" and "vous" options.

    This is the first time I use attachments. I wonder why my file seems much smaller than the others. Tell me if there's a problem.

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  14. xav

    xav Senior Member

    !!! I had sent a nice answer about French before Christmas, but it has disappeared, and now LV has answered. So, I just can put again the French and Breton traditional instrument names :

    Breton instruments :
    le biniou (= cornemuse bretonne)
    la bombarde

    Other French traditional instruments :
    la vielle à roue
    le pipeau, ancêtre de la flûte à bec
    le chalumeau ou chalemie, ancêtre du hautbois (= oboe) http://www.instrume
    la sacqueboute, ancêtre du trombone
    le serpent (waou !)

    Il flauto dolce chiamasi "recorder" in inglese.
  15. SpiceMan Senior Member

    Osaka 大阪
    Castellano, Argentina
    Japanese added.
    Should be checked by a native though.

    btw, what the heck is a pipa :D
  16. SpiceMan Senior Member

    Osaka 大阪
    Castellano, Argentina
    Fixed pipa.

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  17. ronanpoirier

    ronanpoirier Senior Member

    Porto Alegre
    Brazil - Portuguese
    added portuguese and hungarian
  18. Granaas

    Granaas New Member

    Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.
    Norwegian / Norway
    Added Norwegian (Bokmål) :)

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  19. demoore Member

    China, Chine
    In chinese you can't just use a unique word "play" for all instruments.
    - for instruments that you pick 弹 (tan) : 弹击他 (play the guitar)
    - for instruments with an archey 拉 (la) : 拉小提琴 (play the violon)
    - for instruments you hit on 打 (da) : 打鼓 (play drums)
    - for instruments you blow in 吹 (chui) : 吹口风琴 (play the harmonica)
    Not easy at the begining, but then it makes sense...
  20. demoore Member

    China, Chine
    Some chinese instruments:
    二胡 (erhu) : two string violon
    古镇 (guzhen) : kind of horizontal harp - 5 tones
  21. natasha2000

    natasha2000 Senior Member

    Hi,I added Serbian.

    I don't know how pipa and zithar are called in Serbian.

    When I discover, I'll add it.
  22. arugunu Member

    Turkish translations of the sentences are added...

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  23. Dux Corvan Member

    Spanish, Spain
    Added some corrections to Spanish terms.

    Apart from that, here are some other usual translations (English to Spanish) of common instruments:

    lute = laúd
    clarinet = clarinete
    oboe = oboe
    horn = trompa
    harp = arpa
    trumpet = trompeta
    sackbutt = sacabuche
    trombone = trombón
    bassoon = fagot
    double bass = contrabajo
    cornett = corneta
    harpsichord = clavecín
    cembalo = clavicémbalo
    timpani = timbales
    drum = tambor
    mandolin = mandolina
    viola d'amore = viola de amor
    basett, oboe d'amore = corno inglés
    musical glasses = glasarmónica
    saxophon = saxofón
    bass = bajo

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  24. betulina Senior Member

    al bressol del basquetbol
    català - Catalunya
    I added Catalan translation. I'm not sure about the "pipa" either.

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  25. moza_moza Member

    français - France
    i added the french translations for the musical instruments i recognized in the list.
  26. Frenko

    Frenko Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
  27. Jaesor

    Jaesor New Member

    琵琶(pipa) is a chinese traditional instrument. Zithar(jita吉他) is Guitar in chinese.

    Plucked string 弹
    String 拉
    Percussion 打、敲
    Wind 吹

    I patched Chinese part.

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  28. Frenko

    Frenko Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    Hi everybody,

    Due to an erroneous remembrance, I thought I was allowed to edit entries in the glossary. Now I realize it was an infraction of the rules, and I therefore sincerely beg your pardon for my gross mistake.

    I'm going to start now the discussion that I should have started before editing as this looks (now, to me) like the most reasonable thing to do.

    What I've edited is the Italian entry for "I play recorder" and changed it in "Suono il flauto dolce"
    The original entry said "Ascolto il registratore (flauta dulce=flauto dolce)" that is I listen to the cassette recorder: I think it's clear how it has nothing to do with the flute/recorder

    Does anybody disagree?

    Sorry if I made a mess. Let me now if there's something else I can do, please.

  29. tonyo3000

    tonyo3000 Member

    I play the charango / quijada de burro / pututo / quena / zampoña / cajon
  30. DearPrudence

    DearPrudence Dépêche Mod (AL mod)

    French (lower Normandy)
    I'm not confident enough to xhange anything to the file but I would like to add that for me, "une flûte" is pretty vague in French and I rather imagine it's a recorder. Therefore I would add (into brackets if you want) "flûte (traversière)" (though I would strongly advise to use "traversière") for "a flute"
  31. Joe007

    Joe007 New Member


    Hy Martine,
    I can give you translation on the serbian language:

    Koji instrumen sviraš? (pl.instrumente)

    Ja sviram gitaru/klavir/violinu/violončelo(čelo)/flauta/?

    Večeras je koncert/Ja ću svirati sutra na koncertu.

    Moj omiljeni cd je/Moj omoljeni muzički pravac je klasika/Moj omiljeni kompozitor je Šubert

    Some of traditional instruments:

    Harmonika ACCORDION

    Gusle (I do not know how it is sounds on english but I know that the person wich is playing this instrument is MINSTREL)

    Hope this would helps...

  32. samlj Senior Member

    (de volta en) Santiago de Compostela
    Spanish, Galician/Spain
    Does anyone know the Danish one?
  33. Zsanna

    Zsanna ModErrata

    Hungarian - Hungary
    I corrected the Hungarian but I do not know what the "pipa" might be, either...

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  34. mcibor Senior Member

    In Poland and all Slavic region there was also a string instrument similar to violin, but with 2-12 strings, called kobza

    By many Poles mixed with bagpipes (in Polish dudy)
  35. lazylew New Member

    Belgium - Dutch
    This is a fun subject, since I love music, but it's not always an easy one.

    Pipa is "pipa" in every language I imagine, for as far as I know it only exists in Chinese culture.

    Difficulties arise with many other instruments though.
    Gaita usually means bagpipe in Spanish (and Portugese?) but in Brazil also stands for harmonica.
    By harmonica I mean the mouth-blown one (mouth-organ), but in many languages that would be interpreted as accordeon (German, Greek).

    The Turks and Greeks both have a "baglama" as a string instrument, but they are very different in size and sound.

    I'm sure there are many more examples like these.

    Another thing to consider is that according to region an instrument can be drastically different and add to linguistic confusion.
    Compare the different sorts of zithers, qanuns, hakkebord, etc.
    It's one family; even more or less the same instrument, but then again not :)
  36. Nizo Senior Member

    I've added Esperanto translations:

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  37. Fluteroo Senior Member

    Argentina Español Australia English
    Flauta Dulce/ Flûte à Bec/ Recorder... and such is the English name of it, stablished long before the age of electronics so if you play Recorder that 's it. Capisce adesso?
  38. Fluteroo Senior Member

    Argentina Español Australia English
    Una pipa es lo que se usa para fumar el tabaco rústico, solo que es la forma popular inglesa para toda la familia de gaitas galesas,un gaitero es un Bag- piper, la canción representativa del alma irlandesa dice Oh Danny Boy! The pipes are calling y el Flautista de Hamelin es llamado el Pied Piper de Hamelin. Aquí en Australia las Pipas reemplazan al Bombo Peronista en las marchas obreras, ytambien se toca en casamientos y funerales, es la forma escocesa de decir, esto va en serio.
  39. Lingvisten Senior Member

  40. oreillard New Member

    Finland, Finnish
    What instrument...?Mitä soitinta soitat?(singular), Mitä soittimia soitatte? (plural)
    I play the guitar. Minä soitan kitaraa.
    piano Minä soitan pianoa.
    violin Minä soitan viulua.
    cello Minä soitan selloa.
    flute Minä soitan huilua.
    recorder Minä soitan nokkahuilua.
    There is a concert...Tänä iltana on konsertti.
    I will play in... Minä soitan konsertissa huomenna. My Lempi-CDni on.../Suosikki-CDni on...
    My is ... Lempimusiikkiani on klassinen.
    My fav. composer... Lempisäveltäjäni on Schubert.
    Soitan pipaa ja sitraa.
    Soitan balalaikaa.

  41. oreillard New Member

    Finland, Finnish
    The previous one was Finnish, sorry about the format.

    I play the kantele. Soitan kanteletta. :)

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