Must-have (adjective)

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Liam Somers

New Member
English - Australia
Hola a todo el mundo... Estoy buscando el adjetivo que significa &quot;must have&quot; en espanol.

Quisiera traducir &quot;Must haves for any style,&quot; se trata joyas... Creo que el frase &quot;cosas que se debe tener&quot; sea incorrecto, mi intento es &quot;articulos imprescindibles de cualquier estilo&quot; o algo como eso.

  • lauranazario

    Español puertorriqueño & US English
    Hola Liam Somers... y bienvenido a WordReference.

    Como te dijo Oldy Nuts: must-have = imprescindible.
    Nunca he visto "infaltable" por este lado del mundo.


    Oldy Nuts

    Senior Member
    Spanish - Chile
    As far as I can say, people who write ads do not always follow strictly the rules of their languages. "Infaltable" has been used around here precisely because some people find it "punchy", even though it has not yet made it to the DRAE.

    Under "infaltable", WR's dictionary gives links to two interesting discussions on this matter.
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