must have cost a few bob / a fortune / an arm and a leg

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  1. speedier

    speedier Senior Member

    I see that WRF gives this:

    it cost a fortune = costó un dineral.

    And I understand from other threads that

    to cost an arm and a leg = costar un ojo de la cara = costar un huevo y la mitad del otro.

    a few bob = a few shillings, but in this context it can also refer to a small fortune.

    Are there any other Spanish colloquial expressions to convey this meaning?
  2. Canela Mad

    Canela Mad Senior Member

    Spanish Colombia-Spain
    Costó una millonada
    Costó un riñon (in Spain, I never heard it in South America)
    Costó un cojonal

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  3. traducter Member

    England, English

    I've heard '(Me) costó una pasta / un pastón'

  4. speedier

    speedier Senior Member

    Thanks a lot both. All of them were new to me.

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