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  1. susanna76 Senior Member


    Is there a difference in usage between "mustached man" and "mustachioed man"? WR gives the following for mustachioed:
    "often jocular having a moustache, esp when bushy or elaborately shaped"

    Is there such a jocular nuance at play in mustachioed? If not, is there a difference in any way between the two adjectives, and can I use either one in any situation?

    Thank you!
  2. MuttQuad

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    No difference, but I think mustachioed is more commonly used.
  3. susanna76 Senior Member

    So no jocular connotation in mustachioed?
  4. pob14 Senior Member

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    To me, "mustachioed" is extremely jocular, and I would not expect to hear it outside of an old Western movie.
  5. Egmont Senior Member

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    The mustache I think of when I hear "mustachioed" is large. The mustache that goes with "mustached" could be large, but need not be.

    (I have a short beard and mustache. I might consider myself mustached, though I'd usually say bearded, but not as mustachioed.)
  6. Loob

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    The post I deleted said (1) that I would only use "mustachioed" in a humorous context (2) that I'd be unlikely to say "moustached man".

    The reason I deleted it was that I had a look at the British National Corpus, where there are examples of "moustached man" that I wouldn't find strange.

    That said, I think you need to be careful with both options. I suspect the normal expression is "man with a moustache"....

    (Please disregard the fact that I've used BrE spelling:D)
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  7. natkretep

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    Like Loob, I don't often hear the adjective moustached, so for the adjective I think mustachio'd or mustachioed is more common. For the noun versions, moustache and mustachio, the WR Dictionary (Collins) is correct in saying that the latter is jocular. (And of course there is the clipped version tache.)

    My point: for the noun mustachio is clearly jocular. Because of the lack of choice for me for the adjective, mustachio'd/mustachioed​ is probably jocular but not necessarily strongly so.
  8. susanna76 Senior Member

    Thank you pob14, Egmont, Loob, and natkretep for all your great comments! Much appreciated!

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