Mustang cars or Mustang's cars?

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Hi Friends,

What are Differences between :

"There is a complaint made by a customer about a referral program for Mustang cars"

or "Mustang's cars"
  • owlman5

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    "Mustang cars" sounds okay, Neostudent. I can't imagine using the possessive for any brand of car. Most of the time, people simply use "Mustangs" to refer to that brand of car: He really wants a new Mustang.


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    "Mustang" is not a company, it's just a brand of car. It would be like saying "a Persian's cat," which means any cat owned by a Persian, when you mean "Persian cat," meaning the breed of cat called "Persian." "Mustang's cars" would, I guess, mean a group of cars owned by a horse. :D
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