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    what is difference between mut and kut?
  2. Gemmenita

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    Your words are not clear the way you said!

    Can you give examples?

    The only thing I can guess about your mut and kut is in the words "mutlu" and "kutlu".

    Isn't it so?
  3. ancalimon Senior Member

    kut: The goodness endowed upon things by Tengri (it roughly means God but it's not what people think of as God) ; (basically happiness from outside ~ inperceivable - not existing things)

    mut: This word does not exist in Turkic. But philosophically speaking (and comparing mutlu with kutlu and deducting from them), it would mean: the goodness endowed upon things by mother nature ~ Earth, universe ; (basically happiness from inside ~ perceivable - existing things)

    Two words are derived from these:

    kutlu: blessed, luck, auspicious, congratulated.

    mutlu: happy

    I'm not sure but there is a possibility that the root mut might have been borrowed from an extinct Anatolian language. Or it might be related with the Egyptian Mut (I have no idea how that would be possible with our current knowledge about history)

    The suffix -lu , lü, lı, li works roughly like the English -ly suffix on a world level. (but not always. Also the Turkish -ca suffix when added to the -lu suffix works as the English -ly suffix in sentences)

    mutlu : consisting of mut ~ like mut ~ like becoming mut.
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  4. Bi50likdaha New Member

    Mut : happiness , felicity but root is not clearly known. Other Turkish word would be exact equivalent "Saadet"
    Mutlu , Saadetli.
    Mutsuz , Saadetsiz.


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