mutabık kaldığı paket

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    I am reading Euronews and came across what is for me a new grammar construction...the word "kaldığı" which I assume is a form of kalmak. Can someone explain its use in the following sentence?

    Gece boyunca süren görüşmeler sonucunda maliye bakanlarının mutabık kaldığı paket, Güney Kıbrıs'ın 17 milyar Euroluk beklentilerinin altında kaldı.
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    -dık is a relative clause suffix. I hope the link still works, see p. 85 and p. 380.

    -DIK and -(y)AcAK form all three types of subordinate clause. .. -DIK: This suffix usually expresses present or past time. It forms:
    (ii) Participles: göreme-diğ-im (film) ‘(the film) that I was not able to see’, öpüş-tüğ-ü (kız) ‘(the girl) whom s/he has kissed/is kissing’ (see

    Vroot + dık + possessive suffix
    Note that k at the end of the suffix becomes ğ, except 3rd person plural.

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    Indeed. "Kaldığı" is "kal-" turned gerundial. "Maliye bakanlarının mutabık kaldığı" means "upon which the ministers of finance agreed".
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    Thanks very much to everyone for that.

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