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Hi. In German is used the neologism "stummschalten" to mute a electronic device, such as in smartphones, TVs, etc.
stummschalten - Google Suche

mute [sth] vtr(TV: turn off the sound)stummschalten v
Please mute the TV while your father is talking.
Bitte schalte den Fernseher stumm, während dein Vater spricht.
  • Hi roirosal,

    This is true but in daily life no one would say "Kannst du den Fernseher bitte stummschalten?". At least I would not say that.
    But of course we need to add this translation because it is correct. You are right. But this is what makes our dictionary special, because we are looking for translations that are really used by native speaker, even though we do include the technical correct translation as well. But first place will always be the most common one among native speakers.

    Just added it but still needs to be updated. Thank you for your contribution, we appreciate it!

    Have a great day!