Mutual agreement vs. Settlement agreement?

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  • MattiasNYC

    Senior Member
    I think there are several legal definitions of the term "settlement" so you should probably read up on them.

    If you compare the two against each other though my instinctual sense of difference is that "settlement" often implies settling something about which there was a dispute. So if we have a dispute about the money I owe you, we can come to an agreement that "settles" the issue; we have a "settlement agreement". The agreement would be mutual of course, but not all mutual agreements are based on a previous dispute.

    Ann O'Rack

    Senior Member
    UK English
    And if "settlement agreement" is a legal term, then it could have a very specific meaning.

    Please can you give context of where you're planning on using the phrase, or where you've seen it, otherwise you could get a completely wrong answer.
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