"Mutual" customer or "joint" customer?


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In order describe a customer, who is shared between two companies, because each of the companies provide a part of a common service - would this be a mutual or a joint customer (US English)? I´m leaning towards "joint customer", whereas my (also non-native speaker) colleague thinks it should be "mutual customer" -
Please note: this has nothing to do with insurance = "xyz Mutual".
The question merely refers to the circumstance that the customer is simultaneously a customer of both companies in order to receive 100% of the service.

"Mutual" to me indicates more of a reciprocal relationship (then in this scenario the question would be: reciprocal between which parties),
whereas "joint" would be more in the sense of "shared"

Your views appreciated!
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    Could you give an example of the type of service, how the companies cooperate, how and who the customer pays, ...?


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    the first company acts like a broker, but also giving professional advice on specialised personal healthcare devices. They send the customer to the other company, which is a provider of these devices and local to the customer. They do the onsite device fitting and actual sale, which will be invoiced by the first as the referrer. The two companies complement each other´s services and the customer gets a value-add over dealing with just one. Therefore the customer is a mutual or joint ;) customer
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