Mutual Intelligibility: Slovak and Ukrainian


Slovak - Slovakia
I am curious if there were any studies about the mutual intelligibility of Slovak and Ukrainian. Slovak is West Slavic and Ukrainian East, however, Slovak is perhaps the "most east" West Slavic language and Ukrainian is the "most western" East Slavic languages. I am a native Slovak speaker myself, however, half of my family is Ukrainian and I have exposure to East Slavic languages from childhood, through mom only ever spoke Slovak with me and I only have ever learned Russian to a basic level. What I have noticed through is that I understand Ukrainian quite well despite having zero active knowledge of it simply because most words are either similiar to Slovak, Czech or to Russian. So many things a purely monolingual Russian speaker would not understand are very similiar to Slovak/Czech, and things that a Slovak monolingual would not understand are often similiar to Russian. But what is the mutual intelligibility for someone who only knows Slovak from Slavic languages and passively listens to Czech?
  • ilocas2

    A Slovak wrote in the all Slavic mutual intelligibility thread that he understands Ukrainian better than Russian.