mutually exclusive paradigms


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Hello everyone,
This is my first time here on this type of forum, and I am trying to understand three words I have listed. I really do not understand the meaning of the words nor do I understand how to use them in reference to Planet Earth. If anyone here in wordrefence land would assist me in trying to understand the concept or meaning of these 3 words, I'd greatfully appreciate it. I'm open for discussion!
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    Welcome to the forum, gaynelle.

    By "three words" do you mean "mutually exclusive paradigms"?

    We need at least a full sentence before we can help you. Additional background is always helpful. Where did you read or hear this? Have you looked up each word individually? How does Planet Earth relate to this phrase?

    "Mutually exclusive" means that if it is one thing it cannot be the other. If the chess piece is white it cannot be black. The colors are mutually exclusive.

    "Paradigm" really depends on context.


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    Hi JamesM:
    Thank you for that prompt reply, I am reading this book by Thomas Kuhn to learn what higher order of thinking is, and I'm on the chapter of Paradigms, after each chapter I read it tells me to try and make a sentence out of the words it chooses, today I am on Paradigms and I do not fully comprehend what the word is or how to use it, when I got down to mutually exclusive paradigms, my blood pressure shot up, and yes that is what I meant "mutually exclusive paradigms". Kuhn asks for a personal prediction of a possible new pair of MEPs in the environment of Planet Earth! This man is deceased 13 years ago, but I met him at Loyola Marymount, and this is how long it has taken me to try and finish this book! So I am trying to learn the HOTS higher order of learning the LOTS lower order of learning on my own! I hope I explained myself better!


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    I'm sorry, gaynelle.

    It's probably me. But I don't understand a word of your post:(.

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    Neither do I, but I know a very little about Kuhn's paradigms.

    A paradigm could be briefly explained as a mind-set which seems to explain a scientific phenomenon. An example: Newton's explanation of gravitational forces brought about a whole mind-set in the scientific community which examined and taught the Newtonian paradigm, believing it to be a true explanation of planetary motion.

    This meant that rival paradigms, which can easily exclude the Newtonian, and be excluded by it - so the two paradigms are mutually exclusive - but which may be a better explanation of the universe, have difficulty evolving.

    Paradigms are seen as intellectual havens, in which academics feel secure and have something to work at, to grind their intellectual teeth on, but which may actually inhibit, by teaching mistaken beliefs to the young and the brilliant, new and better explanations of phenomena to evolve.


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    Ok young men: I apologize about my explanation, it seems like giddish to me also, but from what you both explained, I think I understand more of what the words "mutually exclusive paradigms" mean!
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