mutually <loathing> invitees [what part of speech]

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Desperate not to offend either of his mutually loathing invitees.
What kind of word loating is ? And what is name of this grammar
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    "Loathing" (note misspelling in second use) means extreme dislike or hatred. I would call the wording cited an adjectival phrase.

    The entire phrase is a modifier for whomever the subject is (not named here). The word "loathing" within the phrase modifies invitees, and "mutually" modifies "loathing."


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    Hello mohanad - welcome to the forums!

    I think the phrase you've found is an unusual one.

    Personally, I would have written "mutually loathing" with a hyphen "mutually-loathing". And the idea I would have wanted to convey - and I think the original author wanted to convey - is that every individual loathed every other individual, and the loathing was mutual: so whenever X loathed Y, Y also loathed X.

    Here's what I think is your source:
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