mutually respective //relationship//of mutual respect


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Can we use the term 'a mutually respective relationship' to mean 'a relationship of mutual respect'?

I have checked the dictionary for 'respective', which is not said to be the adjective for 'respect'.
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    Your dictionary is right - respective is not an adjective used for 'respect'. The adjective derived from respect is 'respectable', which is not, however, appropriate in the context of mutual respect.

    A relationship of mutual respect is a better option

    Keith Bradford

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    No, but you can say: 'a mutually respectful relationship'. Respectful = giving respect. (Respectable = deserving respect, having a good reputation, well-behaved and clean, etc.)

    Respective = each to their own, e.g. John and Mary returned to their respective homes. (I.e. John went to John's home, Mary went to Mary's home.)


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    Ah, I forgot about respectful, doh! Tuesday morning syndrome :) Thanks!
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