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Good evening ;)

Okay, so I'm watching an old Bruce Willis movie dubbed into French with a French friend. A few minutes ago, there was a woman in a muumuu (just learned that there were four u's instead of two by the way), pointing out a suspiciously parked car.

The 'always reliable' Wikopedia has this to say...

The muumuu or muʻumuʻu is a loose dress of Hawaiian origin that hangs from the shoulder. Like the Aloha shirt, muumuu exports are often brilliantly colored with floral patterns of generic Polynesian motifs
I assume that muumuu is also used in French, since it's a word of Hawaiian origin.

Thanks in advance

If this is the case, is it pronounced mumu as in mutation or moumou as in mouton?

If this is not the case, is there a general term other than 'robe' in French that would describe this article of women's clothing ?
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    Merci à vous deux pour ces précisions !
    Le mot ne figure pas dans le dictionnaire de WR... on pourrait peut-être l'ajouter ?
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