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    I was looking for idioms to express something insignificant/which has very little or no effect at all, a Spanish equivalent for:

    'a small matter (compared to) '
    'a drop in the ocean'
    'a drop of water on the hot stone' (German)

    and came up with:

    una gota en el mar
    que le hace una mancha más al tigre
    que parece muy poca cosa

    I was wondering which of the three is most common in modern colloquial and are there any other similar expressions in Spanish?

  2. dilema

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    Madrid (España)
    Hi, ICCI. This is a very broad subject and depending on the specific context, you'll find lots of expressions. Actually, I would say that there is a great freedom to "build" one's own expression (for example, I had never heard that one "una mancha más al tigre", but it's really witty and I understood it rightaway).

    Anyway, here you are some very commonplace expressions:
    es una gota en el mar
    es un grano de arena en el desierto
    eso es de chichinabo (o chicha y nabo)
    es como gritar en el desierto
  3. Mad about Translations Member

    Spanish - Spain
    My two cents:

    Es una gota en el océano (just a nuance vs "en el mar")
    Es como gritarle al viento
  4. ICCI

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    Thanks for the quick responses! I like the idea of building up one's own expression. Cool!
    Of the examples you guys provided, the chichinabo plus un grano de arena en el desierto/gritar en el desierto/al viento are completely new to me. I also remember being puzzled by a song by the Gypsy Kings 'Viento de Arena' now I know 'arena' means 'sand'.
    Gracias a los dos, muchisimas!
  5. albertovidal

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    Spanish, Argentina
    And why not: "it isn't a big deal"?
    Of course, it depends on the context!
  6. ICCI

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    'it isn't a big deal' as the equivalent of 'muy poca cosa'?
    I like it, sounds neat. :cool: Thank you.

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