muzzle and nozzle of a fire extinguisher hose


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The long canvas hoses hooked directly into the Overlook’s plumbing system, and by turning a single valve you could become a one-man fire department.
When he was ten steps away, the brass nozzle suddenly rolled off the fat loop it had been lying (sleeping?) on and fell to the hall carpet with a dull thump. It lay there, the dark bore of its muzzle pointing at Danny.

Source: The Shining by Stephen King

In this scene, Danny is approaching an old fashion fire distinguisher which rolled off and he got frightened.

The end piece of the hose is called nozzle and it seems to me it is also called muzzle. So what is the difference between a nozzle and a muzzle?

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    The nozzle is the brass fitting at the end of the hose. The muzzle, as with the muzzle of a gun, is the opening at the end where the water/bullet comes out.

    PS: Extinguisher.


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    Thank you. Awesome.

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