muzzle-loading musket


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hi there!
Could someone help me to translate this sentence into French: "Harter liked to read about the Revolutionary War - from time to time he thought of writing a longish essay on the effects of the muzzle-loading musket on campaign strategy"
I must admit that I have absolutely no idea as to what a muzzle-loading musket can be! some kind of weapon I guess...
Hope you can help me out... ;-D
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    thanks a lot !!! I would never have figured it out myself to be fair! what about campaign strategy? Do you have any idea?


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    French - international
    campaign strategy="stratégie de campagne (militaire)"
    difficile à traduire, il s'agit de l'influence de l'armement sur la stratégie, mais il faudrait garder l'effet facétieux des détails superflus...
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