My abomination of / for / toward....

Hinata Sama

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Hi, my friends.
Please teach me this.
Which preposition should I use in this sentence?

He never talks about anything related to gambling, because he knows my abomination ( ) gambling.
I think of 'of' , 'for' and 'toward' .
Personally I think maybe 'of' is the correct one. Because there's a ' my fear of '.
But I am not sure. And I hardly can find anything about this on the internet.
Please help.
  • chessie1312

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    English - Scotland
    'of' would be the correct preposition for me. I'm not sure of the use of 'abomination' but someone else may be able to say whether its correct or not, it's not a word I would commonly use. If it were me I would use one of these - hatred, loathing, dislike.
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