my aisle of the produce section

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Mulder asks a nurse in a hospital about a patient:
- Do you know who was taking care of Peggy O'Dell last night?
- Not me, it's not my ward. Not my aisle of the produce section.

The X-Files, TV series

I understand it means something like "it's outside of my responsibility". But why are words chosen like "aisle", "produce section"... is it a metaphore? Especially, what does "produce section" mean?
Thank you.
  • Barque

    It's not an expression I've heard before. But "produce" can mean vegetables and fruits. The term "produce section" refers to the section in a store or supermarket where you can find fresh fruits and vegetables. There could be several aisles in this section, and I suppose each could have an attendant/a supervisor.

    The nurse's saying she's not in charge of the ward where Peggy O'Dell is, comparing the ward to a supermarket aisle.

    Another possible reason - a "vegetable" is someone who has a severe handicap and whose movements are severely restricted. She might be using the term "produce" to refer to the ward where such patients are. Derogatorily.
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