My beloved husband, my heart, my forever love, my life...

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by sono_io_bella, Nov 15, 2009.

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    Ciao a tutti!!

    Is there a shorter version of how to say this in Italian, "Il mio amato marito, il mio cuore, il mio amore per sempre, la mia vita?" (My beloved husband, my heart, my forever love, my life). Reason being is because, I want to create an album having that as the title name. I welcome ideas/suggestions of a tittle name if you have any as well ;). Your help is greatly appreciated. Molto grazie! :)
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  2. SpookyT Senior Member

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    Ciao! Could you use a bigger font? It'd make the reading a bit easier :)

    That said :) ...I don't know how to answer your question! You translated the sentence perfectly and accurately and the thing is you can't make it shorter if you want to say all those things. You should pick one of them (or a different expression) and look for the Italian equivalent. Don't know, something like "the love of my life", l'amore della mia vita?
  3. _cris_ New Member

    HI, my first post here. Being from Italy maybe i could help a little :) I must agree with SpookyT, your translation is litterally correct and you can't shorten it if you need to say all those things. L'amore della mia vita is a more frequent and fluent form to say "my forever love, my life". By the way, being the fact that you need to use it as a title, i would use something shorter; Mio marito, un'amore lungo una vita (My husband, a life lasting love) could work, in my opinion.
  4. sono_io_bella Member

    Molte grazie! Excellent suggestions Spooky and Cris! Thank you for correcting my typo Spooky (molto instead of molte) ;). Just love the suggestions you both have given. Decision decision decision... Thank you again for the help. :)

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