my best memories in there


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Hallo all
I want to make a Sentence like 👇
My biggest enemy is my past...but my best memories in there?
Is it correct??? Please tell me the correct 🙏🙏🙏
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    Hello Wend88.

    We don't check over work for errors. When you ask a question about something you wrote we ask for a specific word or phrase that worries you. (See Forum Rule 5.) The question "Is it correct?" is too general.

    However, since you are a newcomer, I'll suggest a starting point.
    This part of the sentence is fine: My biggest enemy is my past. It has a subject [My biggest enemy} and a verb [is].

    The problem is in this part: but my best memories in there. It has a subject [my best memories] but it has no verb. That is what grassy is saying.

    Can you provide a verb for the sentence? Or do you need further explanation?
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