My birthday went super special

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If it's someone's birthday and her birthday was full of surprises,that is, it was special, can we use:

My birthday went super special.

Is the use of "went super special" natural? And if we use it in future tense does it sound natural:
I hope your birthday goes super special.
Thank you:)
  • heypresto

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    Where have you seen this?

    We would understand what it means, but it's not grammatically correct. 'Special' is an adjective, so things can't 'go' special. You need an adverb after the verb 'go'.


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    I think "was" sounds more natural than "went" in the first one, but I have no objection to the second one for very informal use.


    Language Hound

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    Personally, I would say: My birthday was super special./I hope your birthday will be super special. or I hope your birthday is super special.
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