My brazilian girlfriend is cross


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Hi all,

I have upset my brazilian girlfriend a little bit and need some help. We have been going out for nearly 2 years but have been apart for about 8 months now. Apparently i never asked her to 'be my girlfriend', and apparently there is a special way of saying this in portuguese that doesn't literally translate as 'be my girlfriend'.

She told me how to say it on the phone, but when she said it i thought it would be really funny just to reply No to her instead of listening and then asking her. She wasn't best pleased, seeing as i did it twice. Now she is getting cross because i haven't found out on my own how to say it.

If anyone could help me out on this i would really appreciate it.


  • Leandro

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    Hi Mishmosh,

    Well, if you wanna ask her to be your girlfriend in portuguese you should say:
    "Você quer namorar comigo?"

    And "literally translating" it into english it would be something like "Do you wanna date with me?", in english it should be something like "Do you wanna date me?" "Do you wanna be my girlfriend?" (anyone please correct me if i'm wrong)

    Hope it helps!


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    I don't think a sentence will bring your girlfriend back after eight months of separation... :(


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    She has been in Brazil, me in england until i go out there in two/three weeks time. We didn't split up - just tried to wait. It has not been easy, but nearly over.

    And i will give it a go later - thanks.


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    Leonaro -

    thanks - i sent her a text and she was definately happy with my (your) response.

    Thanks again

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