My bro <ripped it>.

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Hello, on Swifty McVay twitter (he is a member of D12 band where Eminem also is), he wrote a comment on a new song from Eminem called Rap God:

Some People R Still Asking Me If I Liked The Song Rap God After Watching Common Sense Footage, The Answer Is YES, My Bro Ripped It


What does "ripped it" mean in his post? Does it mean that he rapped to the maximum or something else? Thank you very much.
  • iMak7

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    Yes, you understand it right. He thinks that Eminem's performance was great, his bro did his best.
    By the way whenever you have trouble understanding slang, especially if it has something to do with rap or ebonics, I suggest that you look it up in Urban Dictionary. It's not your regular dictionary of course and it's full of information of dubious quality but it might help. For example, if you google 'ripped it urban dictionary' you'll find an article "You ripped it":

    'A phrase used to describe how well someone or some group did in an act. Usually used to describe an extraordinary preformance in the act.'

    Hope this helps!
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