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I have applied for CAF and have received a letter asking me to fill in some forms etc and I've done all of this. The only thing I wasn't sure of was this question:

"Vous bénéficiez de ressources suffisantes pour vous et les membres de votre famille afin de ne pas devenir une charge pour le système d'assistance sociale?"

I have applied for the "aide au logement" but don't know whether to put Yes or No for the answer. Is it asking whether I don't actually need the aide au logement or just that I do have some income and don't need additional help?

I hope that makes sense and any help would be great. I am currently working but wasn't in 2010 when they ask for your income information.

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    This question in such a document sounds very strange indeed: What it actually asks is whether or not you have sufficient resources for your family and yourself. In other words, to confirm that you do not need their help!

    If you do have to apply, then you should obviously reply 'No' there...

    And because this is about a very serious topic, I would like any other French native to provide some extra insight.

    And, by the way, welcome to this forum. Wish it could have been in much better circumstances.


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    French administration becomes a strange thing even to natives, best would be to ask a "assistante sociale" about that, to be sure.

    As I understand it (en tant que français); today does your income sufficient to feed your family and yourself. But it's a tricky question, as you apply for a "allocation logement"... so if you pay rent, but have no money for food... considering they help with rent, would you provide for yourself on food (and other fees)?
    Nevertheless all that is a matter of interpretation, and interpretation leads to mistakes sometime.

    As administration is NOT matter to interpretation, but accuracy, THE BEST would be to ASK an Assistante Sociale directly at CAF office. Better not bit around the bush and ask to pros directly, Assistantes Sociales are sopposed to be there for that matter.
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