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  1. StrawberryNeko New Member

    Hi people,

    I'd like to know how to say 'My Chemical Romance' in Japanese.
    I know that the kanji for this is 藥恋 , I just don't know how to read it.

    Thanks. :D
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    My Chemical Romance is the name of a band. They are known in Japan as マイ・ケミカル・ロマンス. It's not a translation but a transcription of the name.
  3. StrawberryNeko New Member

    yes I did already know the katakana I was just wondering how you would read the actual kanji shown at the beginning of their video 'Planetary (GO!) in japanese. Like which readings from each of those kanji would you use, because there are more than one.
  4. Tonky Senior Member

    It is a made-up word by them, and you would have to ask them how it is meant to be read since there is no such word as 藥恋 in Japanese. マイケミ fans in Japan are also wondering how to read them too.
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    One can only assume that someone with a very limited grasp of Japanese was behind this.

    First, that character 藥 is an obsolete, pre-war variant that in Japan has since been replaced with 薬. The only place you would still see it is Hong Kong or Taiwan.

    Second, the two characters mean nothing when arranged together, and individually they mean "medicine" (藥) and "love" (恋). Drug addiction? Love for a pharmacist? And there are a few ways to read those characters (depending on the context which is absent here), so it's anyone's guess what it could be. Possibilities include "yakuren" and "kusurigoi".

    People often try to cobble together words from kanji, but for Japanese speakers it's like seeing a random collection of letters of the alphabet - in other words, gibberish.
  6. StrawberryNeko New Member

    Thank you for the helpful explanations.
    It is possible that whoever put these kanji into place wanted to use what they mean or represent with reference to the band title rather than making a phrase that is supposed to be read out of them.

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