My cooking--how to say it?

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Hello. Imagine that I have guests over, and that I am cooking for them. I cooked store-bought, pre-marinated meat, broccoli and rice. When my guests compliment me on my cooking, what should I say, to denote that I didn't do everything myself (the meat is marinated by store staff). Should I say:

1. Today's cooking is not all done by me--the meat is pre-marinated.
2. I can't take credit for the meat because it is pre-marinated.
3. Today's meal is not due to my doing. The meat is pre-marinated.

Which one do you think captures what I mean the best? Thanks.
  • heypresto

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    I'd say #2. 'Today's cooking' or 'today's meal' sounds a bit overblown - like something a waiter might say when announcing the arrival of your food.

    (Actually I probably wouldn't say anything, and accept any the praise my friends offer ;))


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    If you do decide to express your humility, "I can't take credit for..." is a good way to do it.


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    I'd accept the praise, since I'd put the meal together and the fact that the meat had earlier been marinated by the butcher is irrelevant. I'd say, "Thank you."


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    I note that your native language is Mandarin, and all the answer previous to mine are native English speakers. Perhaps the dissonance is cultural - that is that preparing food for guests may mean something more in your native culture than it does for most English speaking natives. If that is so, it is perfectly acceptable not to "take credit" for the entire meal when complimented. In most native English speaking cultures, preparation of food is more often seen as a mundane chore than an act of service towards someone revered. Personally, I would (if I were you) pick sentence number two.
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