My English is at an advanced level


Hi, I wonder how I can say what level of English I have in a grammatically correct way. I can't find it on the internet. Is it right to say for example: My English is at an advanced level (is here "at" and "an" used correctly?) Or is it right to say My English is advanced level? or My level of English is advanced? Could you please suggest me some more such phrases? I need it for CV for example, but besides I'm really curious about it. If I type into google for example the phrase: My English level is at an advanced level, it gives me no result with this whole phrase.

Thank you very much.
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    My English is at an advanced level.:tick:
    I'm at an advanced level in English. :tick:
    I have reached/achieved an advanced level in English. :tick:


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    In job applications, I tend to speak of my proficiencies, e.g. "I am highly proficient in English." This is a handy construct, as you can substitute English skill with almost any other skill you possess, while "My Excel is at an advanced level" and "I'm at an advanced level in Photoshop" don't work.


    Thank you very much. Very helpful.
    I remember I saw once in an job advertisement this phrase: English on advanced level is a must. Is this correct?

    Thanks again.


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    I think you could say (or write) idiomatically, "I speak/read/write English on an advanced level," but I don't think "on" would be idiomatic with the verb to be. (You could also use at with speak, read, and write, so that is probably the best word for ELL's to learn.)
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